The Time has come to say good-bye...for now.

First off, thank you Podenstein's Lab fans for your listens, your input, and your time!!  Speaking for J.E. Petersen, Shelby Dollar, and myself- Mark L. Groves- sharing our crazy pass-times with you was a blast.

This podcast allowed us to interview some truly interesting writers, creators, and destination owners.  And oh my, how the research stained our search engine histories. 😉

Why end it?  One reason is life, the other is a lack of attributions for our source materials.  I like "life" better because it seems so much more relevant than "oh crap I was too lazy to copy and paste the links and mention them in the shows."  Mea culpa- I should have been doing that regardless of recent changes to the podcast frontier.

So, we three are ending Podenstein's Lab.  HOWEVER, we are not giving up writing.......and who knows what we'll have on the horizon, eh?

Thank you caring and sharing.  Pod on!!!

---Mark L. Groves

We say goodbye.