A Carnal Christmas: Boners and Style with Bite

Every kiss begins with…KILL.

Killer style that is.


Here’s a close up of these classy babies.

You’d never know these are made from coyote penis bone.

That’s right, for our Christmas Gift Cage Match I chose these little wieners.

They’re wicked, morbid and something you could wear without anyone knowing what they’re made of. Imagine the conversation starters (and enders) these earrings could cause. Whether you’re under the mistletoe or sipping spiked eggnog, the only thing these earrings will enhance…is you.

However if this is too limp for your liking, I also found something with more bite on my Etsy hunt.


Straight from an old-fart’s nightmare, this bangle is made from dental acrylic (not that it makes this any less terrifying).

So real you can smell the Polident.

Jokes aside, this accessory is perfect for any Cenobite in your life looking to raise hell this holiday.

If you’re interested you can find these killer gifts here:



Now that wasn’t so bad was it? You’re welcome.





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