CINEMADNESS: A List of Horror Movies Set In/Involving Asylums

In Minisode #019.5, we talk about several of these movies which involve or are set in asylums.  First- our favorites:


MARK: Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Stonehearst Asylum

JE:  Session 9, Hellbound:  Hellraiser II

SHELBY:  The Cult of Chucky.


Aaaaand the rest:


Terminator II


Bedlam (Boris Karloff)

The Dead Pit

Grave Encounters


Asylum (1972, 2008)

Bad Dreams

House of Dust (2013)

Bloody Mary (2006)

Paranormal Incident (2011)

Doom Asylum

Wrong Turn 4

Sanatorium (2013)

Deadgirl (don’t watch this unless you want to feel dirty.  And you will. Feel dirty.

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