Maybe She Died With It. Maybe it’s…CADAVERINE.

Did you know that the stank a body makes when it’s rotting, has a name?  Nope, it’s not wiffington, nor shizno, and not even soapdodger, smellarocious, or tijuana steamhouse.

It’s called “cadaverine,” and it smells like your worst nightmare. Maybe with some lutefisk thrown in.  And a junior high boys locker room in late August during the monsoon season.

What’s truly interesting, besides the myriad of laughing-but-a-little-nauseous slang terms you can find on the web for “foul smell,” is that you can make your very own cadaverine, without the need of a spade and a poorly guarded graveyard. Yes, there’s a recipe out on the webosphere.  It’s a little Mr. Science-ish, but if you’re a go-getting little maniac scientist, this dry-as-toast youtube video helps you fulfill your putrescent wishes and cadaverine dreams.

Let your need for a fiery dumpster/frownzy/mississippi steamboat kind of world be fulfilled.  BE the change.



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