Resurrection Selections: Link to a Real Miracle (as told to Mark in a tow truck)

Podenstein's Lab - Mike Hermanstorfer

So, in 2013, I was in Colorado helping to move my mom-in-law back to Kansas City.  Got snowed in before we could sneak back into Kansas, and I ended up needing my truck, and the huge-ass U-Haul trailer attached to it, towed across 70 miles of crazy wind gusts and snow drifts.  On that slow but steady trip, I rode in the cab of this big honkin’ vehicle with a guy by the name of Mike Hermanstorfer.  Super nice dude, this Mike.

Now, I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself, because as a stupid-ass flatlander, I almost got myself killed on the evening that the blizzard outpaced me. I’m still kinda’ shook up about it two days later when the weater cleared up enough that I could leave that Super 8. Maybe it was the Domino’s pizza and vending machine food I lived off of for 2 days.  Who knows.

On the ride, I’m chatting with Mike, and he tells me this brutal, amazing story of a man who saw his wife die while delivering their child.  Held the dead child in his arms.  Said goodbye to his wife who was wheeled out of the emergency room with a sheet over her face.

And then saw them come back to life. Yeah, you guessed it. That was Mike’s story.  You can hear about it in Show #007 of Podenstein’s Lab, here:

Of course, don’t take my word for it.  Google “Mike Hermanstorfer.”  Or check out news stories in the links below.—-and-come-back-to-life-408315525.html

Yup. It’s a happy resurrection story, from Podenstein’s Lab. And I won’t kid ya, I cried a little when he told me about all that. Made my problems look tiny.  You go, Mike. Keep saving morons with no tire chains or experience driving in early Spring in the Rockies.  You the man.


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