Space Ghost: Skull Asteroid Returning 2018

There’s this little asteroid hotrodding through space like an 18 year old jacked up on a two-litre bottle of VENOM behind the wheel of a stolen Nissan GTR.  Ignoring stop signs, popping the clutch and drifting around our solar system, getting uncomfortably close to bystanders like, oh…planet EARTH.

Best part: our space racer looks like a freakin’ skull.  Stuntman Mike don’t need no star registry, he got himself a death-proof asteroid.

Podenstein's Lab - skull asteroid

Here’s a slightly touched-up version that I totally, completely, 100% didn’t touch up.  I just used some of the software they use in The Bourne Identity series of movies. Amazing what you can get from a picture that only has, like, 3.2 pixels per inch….

Podenstein's Lab - skull asteroid clearer

Podenstein’s Lab – skull asteroid clearerAny way, Skull Asteroid is about 6 football fields wide, and it’s coming back in mid-November 2018.  So, we’ve got THAT to look forward to this year.  Thank you universe. 🙂

Here’s a place to read something a lil’ deeper about it:





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