THE CAGANER COMETH! Or, Cutting Yule Rope

Code Brown in Christmas Town.

Podenstein's Lab
Boxed Scream Caganer
Podenstein's Lab
From the Front- a Christmas Scream


Podenstein's Lab

In the December 2017 Podenstein’s Lab podcast, Shelby Dollar takes us on a world tour of bizarre (to us) holiday traditions from around El Blue Marble de Loco.  From beating the gifts out of a log’s ass, to wondering if an old lady’s gonna drop by and eviscerate you because you didn’t say your prayers correctly, it’s a ho-ho-holy sh*t world of fun.

Like this: THE CAGANER.  I put that in all caps, because in my head it sounds like Sean Connery talking in “The Highlander.”

“Ya feel that, highlander?  It’s THE CAGANER.”  And beach-side hilarity ensues.

Yup, that merry little darling of doo-doo, the holiday party pooper, that Elf on a shart (and yes, he IS watching you the whoooooole time), THE CAGANER, is a thing.  Listen to the podcast, if you haven’t already.  What a treat for Xmas, this little creature. It’s even a thing on

THE CAGANER does not go…I mean, come…cheap.  Like, 25 dollars not cheap for one little seasonal squatter.  Whatwhat?  Perhaps you’re feeling artsy fartsy…let that sink in for a second…and want to make your own out of some pinched-off Sculpey.  Go for it!  Heck, for 25 bucks, make it a DDYI (doodoo it yourself), and you could pop a squad of festive fecund friends.

Silent, but Merry.  That’s the spirit.


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